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Where People and Pets stop to shop!

About Us

When the needs of the despair warrant the support of generosity then all the selected ones find themselves in the frontier of services while offering their compassion. Pets N Us is established to generate financial independence among those who wishes to serve all who are in needs by creating a marketplace where the buyers are constantly supporting them. There are thousands of dogs, cats and other small pets all over the planet who live but hardly have a life. They neither have proper shelter nor food, which as simply the basic requirements of life. Many organizations are formed to help and support such beings and Pets N Us is here to support them.

For every dollar our customers spend at Pets N US,15 cents is donated for the specific project until the project's financial needs are met and fulfilled. All projects are scheduled and queued so that everyone has a fair and equal chance to their own financial independence. Our prices are competitive and although we are a business venture, our values and morals are non-profiting achieved by creating jobs, supporting those who wishes to help and be helped, and by ensuring that the basic life requirements of unfortunate pets are met.

Our mission is focused on our core values which are:
  • To Support projects of social organization by meeting their financial goals
  • To create jobs and take most care of the employees
  • To introduce and make available the highest quality of goods and services to all our customers
  • To invest all earnings towards growth initiatives that increases our opportunity to fulfill our mission